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Generac Generators

Just about everything we do centers around electricity. Most likely at work and at home you operate a computer for all kinds of purposes. Our phones and tablets need to be charged. Our Wi-Fi systems must be powered up. Our televisions, lights, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and in northern Michigan we especially need our furnaces. For homes and businesses without proper generators, you could be stuck without power.

Fortunately for you, you do not always have to rely on the power grid you are attached to. Home standby and home transfer systems exist to make sure you always have the power you need to keep your house up and running, even during major outages.

Generac Generator Morrison Electric

Generac Generator Transfer Switch Morrison Electric

Transfer Switches

Generators connect to your home by use of a transfer switch. The purpose of the switch is to transfer the supply of power to your home from the utility company to the generator you have chosen to run your house. The switch protects utility repairmen from power surges caused by back feeding, or the reverse flow of electricity, by isolating the generator from municipal power lines. If you have a wired-in backup generator, this switch is required by law. Several manual transfer switches also include built-in wattage meters that keep track of what is being powered. Without them, you can overload the system, damaging your generator and appliances.

Electricity is dangerous, even for the experts. Any generator installation should be handled by licensed technicians. The only way to achieve the safety standards required by the National Electrical Code is to have a professional, licensed technician install the switch. Not only do they know how to install the switch properly, but they also know what size transfer switch is necessary depending on the power capacity of the backup generator you are using.

At Morrison Electric, we know how to install your generator into your home safely and correctly. We will also teach you how to use your manual transfer switch once installed. If you are looking to get a backup generator and switch installed today, give us a call Morrison Electric at 231-331-7122 and let us help keep you running.