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Solar Panel Installation

Cost of Solar & Benefits of Installing Solar

Many home and business owners in Northern Michigan do not give solar energy much consideration because they may think the installation costs are too high to outweigh the benefits. The savings you see on your energy costs pay for your solar energy system over time, and after that, the savings equal money in your pocket.

How Much Does a Solar Energy System Cost?

The cost to install a solar system varies with each individual installation. Just like power companies charge for the amount of energy used as opposed to your home’s size, solar energy works in a similar way. Every household and business is different, but the following three primary factors affect your solar panels’ overall price.

The direction your home faces.

Solar panels are typically installed on the east, west, or south side of a home’s roof. Although these installations will result in energy production and savings, the south side is the best option when possible. In this position, they get the peak amount of sunlight each day, more so than if they are facing directly east or west.

The amount you want to offset your electric bill with solar power.

If you simply want to save on your electrical bill and not produce all the energy you need to power your home, you will not need as many solar panels.

Current power usage.

The amount of energy you typically use, along with your roof’s size, will affect how many solar panels you install on your house or business. Of course, the fewer panels you install, the less it will cost. Solar panels have become much more efficient than they once were.

Other Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

In addition to how solar energy can save you money on your monthly utility bills, you can benefit in other ways.

Rising energy costs.

The market for fossil fuels is volatile, and companies are always raising their rates. Solar energy costs, on the other hand, are continually going down. States offer their own incentives for installing solar, and there is a federal tax credit that you can take advantage of when you get your system. As fossil fuels continue to be depleted and energy rates from your utility company go up, it just makes sense to install solar panels.

Net Metering.

This unique interaction between your system and the energy grid is another way to save. Basically, your solar panels will produce more energy than you will typically need during peak hours, so this energy gets fed back into the grid. This energy is credited to you for use when it is cloudy or dark, and you are using more energy than your system is producing.

Now is a great time to start using green solar energy and save on your utility bills while reducing your carbon footprint. If you are interested in learning more about solar panel installation and how it can benefit your home or business, Reach out to Morrison Electric today at 231-331-7122. We can set up an appointment to give you an estimate.